(April 4, 2002)

APRIL 4, 2002
We here at Keenspot have avoided pop-up and pop-under ads for a long time, feeling, as many of you do, that they can be an intrusive method of advertising that ultimately hurts not only the readers' experience, but also ultimately the advertisers' brand name. However, the tide of internet advertising is a difficult beast to ride.

While we would prefer to avoid the use of pop-up ads, we have a stronger commitment to follow the wishes of our cartoonists, who have overwhelmingly expressed their interest to earn a higher income versus avoiding the use of pop-up ads. Additionally, we are committed to keeping the primary content (the comics and their entire archives) of Keenspot a free service. As such, pop-up ads will appear on selected sites starting this week. As always, we are adhering to the wishes of our cartoonists and the ads will not appear on sites where the cartoonists don't want them.

Eventually, I'll be developing a code that will limit the ads by user IP, so that not too many appear per reader session, but until then, I'll just be running them at a relatively low rate.

We realize many people disapprove of advertising, which is why we have worked so hard to bring you and thoroughly test Keenspot PREMIUM before launching these ads. Sign up and you will never see an ad at Keenspot or Keenspace again!

Please direct your questions and concerns as replies to this message. Thank you.


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