Founded in 2000, Keenspot quickly became the top publisher of webcomics, generating billions of pageviews on The company later branched out to print comic books, publishing diverse titles such as the romantic comedy MARRY ME (recently adapted into a Universal Pictures movie starring Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, Sarah Silverman, and Maluma in his feature film debut), fantasy adventures like TWOKINDS and THE HUNTERS OF SALAMANSTRA, wacky pop culture parodies like JUNIOR HIGH HORRORS (recently featured on ABC TV's LOCALISH) and THE DONALD WHO LAUGHS, and many more. Keenspot titles can be found monthly in Diamond's PREVIEWS catalog at your local comic shop under the KEENSPOT ENTERTAINMENT listing, and can be ordered online at Chris Crosby serves as CEO and Editor-In-Chief, and his younger brother Bobby Crosby (aka YouTube's Dodgerfilms) serves as President of the company.


Keenspot is currently accepting the following types of submissions for comic book publishing:

* Art Samples

* Scripts

* Coloring Samples

* Completed Projects

* Series Pitches With Creator / Creative Team Already Attached

If your submission does not apply to any of those categories, do not submit your work.


Before you submit, please DON'T study our line of titles and base your submission on what we're currently publishing. We are open to all types of new and exciting books! Don't try to box us in! Nobody knows anything. Shoot for the stars!


1.) For the protection of all parties, read and then sign the SUBMISSION AGREEMENT and attach it to your E-Mail submission.

2.) In said E-Mail submission, tell us all about what you're submitting and why we should want to work with you. Sell us on your talent and/or your project!

3.) Other than the Submission Agreement, we greatly prefer you don't attach files directly to your E-Mail unless you absolutely MUST. Just include a link to a Dropbox or Google Drive that holds the files of what you're submitting. Keep it simple and user-friendly. Name every file very descriptively. Clarity is your friend!

4.) Send your submission to

5.) That's it! We'll contact you if we have any questions or are interested in working with you, but please don't expect a confirmation reply. Keenspot is a small publisher and we are simply unable to reply to every submission we receive.