The following are programs created by Keenspot Comics for free download and usage as resources for cartoonists everywhere. Enjoy. They are public domain and open source. We only ask that you retain the proper credits in the files, themselves.

Note that while these resources are free for personal use, you may not use any of these scripts for commercial purposes without the express permission of Keenspot.

Perl CGI "AutoKeen Lite"
An automated comic strip archive system.
Author: Darren Bleuel, cartoonist for Nukees
Download AutoKeenLite v0.923 Beta (released 5/30/2000 -- added storyline dropdown, bug fixes on 6/4/2000)
(Or download the files themselves: autokeenlite.cgi, README.TXT, indextemplate.html, dailytemplate.html. Right click and select "Save As").

Finally, if doing a "Save As" on the autokeenlite.cgi file doesn't work because your browser is trying to run it instead of download it, just get autokeenlite.txt and rename it autokeenlite.cgi.
Are you currently using AutoKeenLite? I'd appreciate it if you'd drop me a line and let me know!